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Their America, Geoff Hamilton

Their America (www.theiramerica.org) has just launched in its 'beta' form and is seeking contributors to help with its archives and forums.
Our site is devoted to significant expressions (speeches, essays, political cartoons, fiction, news stories, etc.) about America by non-Americans. Our major objective is to create a global, synoptic site for Their America, an unpolemical, informative, and provocative resource not just for 'American Studies' scholars around the world, but for anyone interested in studying and debating the international reputation of the United States.
If interested in contributing to the site, we ask that you register on our Forums page and submit your suggestions, via the discussion threads there, for material that ought to be included in the archives and on the regional timelines.
We're also seeking multiple moderators for each of the different regions; to volunteer for these roles, please send along a brief description of your qualifications (including an abbreviated CV) to theiramericaweb@gmail.com
Geoff Hamilton
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of English,
York University,