[UPDATE] Hell Studies, ICMS, Kalamazoo MI, May 2014 -- Submission Deadline Extended

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Societas Daemonetica

Call For Papers: Hell Studies

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The Societas Daemonetica is seeking papers for the session "Hell Studies", which will take place at the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 8-11, 2014, in Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA).

The suggested theme for this year's Hell Studies session is "Jailbreaking Hell," and focuses on its often porous border, those who cross it, by what means, and for what ends.

From hauntings to Hell-mouths to the Harrowing, the ranks of those who saw the inside of Hell and returned to Earth to tell about it swelled throughout the Middle Ages. In the Anglo-Saxon period the Devil was at once banished to Hell and simultaneously active in the world. If he was cast down with the angels, how could he then appear in Eden to precipitate the Fall of Man, or in the desert thousands of years later to tempt Christ to sin? How permanent was it meant to be when, in the Gospel of Nicodemus, Christ cast the terrified Devil, bound and gagged, into the mouth of an anthropomorphized Hell – especially in light of the fact that he then immediately freed the pre-Christian fathers in the Harrowing? Even tormented pagans, doomed to an eternity in Hell, sometimes climbed to the surface at night to warn would-be sinners away from their mistakes. Who were their wardens, what were their routes, and how was their return guaranteed?

For this year's session, we are asking about the boundaries of Hell itself, as well as those figures who pass through (and around) its gates, in literature, theatre, theology, and art. What can be learned about the medieval people interacting with these representations and ideas, and in addition what can these theories and portrayals tell us about ourselves as their inheritors?

As mentioned above, "Jailbreaking Hell" is this year's suggested theme. Submissions need not unnaturally restrict themselves to the theme, but preference may be given to those that comment upon or substantially interact with it.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please send proposals of no more than 300 words to Richard Burley at societas.daemonetica@gmail.com by September 25, 2013.

Richard Burley
North American Co-ordinator

Societas Daemonetica