New Immaterialities

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Transformations is calling for submissions for Issue 25: New Immaterialities

This special issue of Transformations will examine the various ways in which immateriality is encountered, invoked, conceptualised and investigated in cultural theory and research. It explores how the immaterial is reconfigured within changing materialisms.

Amidst well-entrenched materialism, the concept and term 'immateriality' regularly features in cultural research and theory. New media arts and the virtual have all been understood, without irony, to be involved in the ephemeral and the immaterial. Forms and forces often imagined as incorporeal, such as spectres and hauntings, provide metaphors for historical and cultural processes. The immaterial may be theorised as the absence of material or that which material holds forth as possibility. It may be described as a changed approach or re-imagining of matter. In this context the bodied and disembodied are not opposed but reciprocally permeable, posing questions as to the new places and practices by which immateriality emerges and the new explanatory purposes it serves.

We invite submissions in the areas of philosophy, critical, cultural and media studies, and creative arts research. Possible topics include:

– the immateriality of new media practices and the virtual
– immateriality 18 years on from Lyotard's 'Les Immateriaux' exhibition
– the dematerialisation and rematerialisation of the art object
– curating immaterial arts and heritage
– the immaterial, the insensible and the imperceptible
– hauntings and spectres of postcolonial and other histories
– immateriality and singularity
– immateriality and the time-image
– immaterial labour
– immaterial communication, such as clairvoyance and telepathy.

Abstracts (500 words) due: 15 November, 2013
Authors notified: 1 December, 2013
Article submission: 15 March, 2014.

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