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Bhatter College Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Animal Studies: Exploring the Relationship between the Humans and the Animals

Articles and books reviews are invited from contributors for the Vol. III of the Journal on the broad areas of Animal Studies. We have selected the area in order to explore many forms of relationship—historical, philosophical, commercial/economic, anthropological, ethical, metaphysical, religious, artistic, biological, medical, sociological, psychological etc, between the human beings and the animals down the ages. This has become an important area for study and research in view of the growing need to reassess and redefine certain aspects of the relationship pointed out by the animal activists and thinkers like Peter Singer, Thomas Regan, Jacques Derrida, Cary Wolfe, Giorgio Agamben and others. In the face of unprecedented urbanization, rapid global warming and destruction of natural habitats, it is necessary to look into the ways that shaped and defined the relationship, to examine the present condition and to search for new norms that may determine a better future. In other words, we want to approach the area from holistic multidisciplinary manner and so we invite papers from any discipline and we encourage authors to engage themselves in interdisciplinary discussions.

For the convenience of the contributors some possible topics are marked out below. However, these are rather suggestive and not exhaustive, and we are very much open to the suggestion of inclusion of any relevant topic.


Human-animal relationship in prehistoric times: rituals, cave paintings, rock art etc.
Human-animal relationship as found in myths, fables and folktales
Role of animal in human civilization and role of the human in the animal world
Discipline and punish and display: caging animals for entertainment and display of power
Meat as a metaphor: interplay of life and death as a (natural?) cycle
Ethical concerns for violence and application of superior power
The beast and the beautiful: animals in human fantasy, phobia and dream
The philosophy of humanity: concessions and shortcomings of the classical tradition
Contradictions in religion: animals as gods and sacrificial objects as well
Animal aesthetics: representations of animals in arts and literature and its problematics
Medical sciences: animals as test-objects and the issues of the trans-human
Animals as pets: sociological implications and ontological concerns
Children and the animal: appropriation of the animal through imagination
Animals as assets: economic value and the questions of animal rights
Popular media: appropriating the animal world as fictional world of entertainment
Dark areas of human psychology: animals as sex objects and animal sex as a spectacle of pleasure
The zoo and the cage as a metaphor for colonization and the representation of power

Book Reviews: Reviews can be submitted on any book (not older than 2 years) on Animal Studies related area.

Language: English and Bengali.

Word-limit: Minimum 3000 words and Maximum 5000 words.

Mode of submission: Submission should be made through e-mail only with word/doc. attachment to the Chief Editor at principal@bhattercollege.ac.in or to the Managing Editor at ttm1974@gmail.com. Submission through hard manuscript form or hard format will not be entertained.

Deadline of Submission: 15 October, 2013.

Date of Publication: The issue will be published in the first week of December, 2013.

Contact: Please contact Chief Editor at principal@bhattercollege.ac.in or Managing Editor for queries at ttm1974@gmail.com.