Panel for ABRN Conference, 8-10 Dec 2014

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Asian Borders Research Network
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We are proposing a panel " Imagi(n)ing The Nation: Maps, Borders, Cartographies " in the upcoming ABRN Conference to be held in Hong Kong during 8-10 December 2014. Maps and borders are always contingent entities and those who inhabit those spaces pitch themselves as a nodal point of (op)positioning with respect to identity-contentions among different other 'imagined communities'. While the 'nation-state', as often been argued, is an overtly restrictive projection of a model derived from western European experience onto the non-West where it seldom applies, this panel seeks to understand the disjunctive temporalities and multiple vernacular iterations that render the map/border perceptible.

We invite papers from a variety of disciplines, geographies and time periods. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- pre-modern co-ordinates of map-making
- cartography and the imperialist politics
- Orientalist distribution of space & time
- anthropomorphism of the map
- gender politics in cartographic imagination
- alternate modernities and re-orientation of 'space'
- visuality and western modernity
- Post-structuralism, bio-politics & geo-centricism

Please send in a 250-word abstract with a 50-word bio note to by 10 January, 2014. For details visit the conference website at: