Contextualizing and Reorienting Violence and its Spaces in a Postmodern, Globalized World Order

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Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab

In "Routine Violence: Nations, Fragments and History", Gyanendra Pandey observes how violence can be both direct and silent. While war, riots, ethnic and religious clashes depict extremely pronounced form of violence, there is a subtle form of the same that needs to be recognized. Pandey urges to unravel this "disguised form" of violence – the one that manifests itself in "our day-to-day behaviour, the way we construct and respond to neighbours as well as strangers, in the books and magazines we read, the films we see, and the conversations and silences in which we participate." The one day National Seminar on Violence at Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab on 7 December 2013 intends to explore the various forms of violence. In a postmodern, globalized world, when many are becoming victims to routine violence due to gender inequality, aggressive foreign policy and insensitive state legislation, the academic discourse needs to reorient itself to expose the othering arising from violence. In doing so, it must ask difficult, uncomfortable questions seeking the genesis and ontological dimensions of violence and how it is perpetuated by both the state and non-state actors.
This multi-disciplinary seminar proposes to bring together scholars and researchers from different disciplines to enter into a dialogue vis-à-vis the issues mentioned above. Papers and proposals in the following broad areas are invited. The areas are however, only suggestive, not restrictive:
• Violence and the Transcendental Other
• State sponsored Violence: Nation State/ Foreign and Domestic policy/ Marginal and Minority Politics/Surveillance
• Violence in the Global Space: Trade Relations/Marketing
• Strategies/Recession/Corporations and Social Auditing/Speculative Capital/Emerging Economies/Global Power
• Equations/Hyper-Capitalism
• Violence and the New Media: Cyber Space/Virtual Communities/Identity Theft/Virtual Communication/Virtual-Sex/Mobile Phone
• 'Caste'ing Fear: Caste Identity/Caste Violence
• Narratives of Violence: Fiction
• Anatomy of Violence: Medical Ethics/ Knowledge Concentration/ Public Violence and Medical Research/Genetic Research
• Fearful Asymmetries of Architecture: Architecture/ Security and Technologies of Construction, etc.
• Consuming Fear: Consumption/Violence
• The Cultural History of Violence: Ancient/Classic/ Romantic/Industrial/ Oriental/Modern/ Postmodern
Date: 7 December
Venue: Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab