Teaching World Literature Around the World

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World Literature as a field of study and as a subject of teaching has moved increasingly to the fore in the United States. But what happens when the teaching of World Literature leaves these shores? What happens to the concepts both of "world" and of "literature" as one moves from the American context to new locales? This panel seeks to assess how the idea of Word Literature changes as a result of teaching it outside of America. This could include papers on the underlying ideologies of course design and text selection as well as on the implications of teaching a certain canon of literature that may or may not coincide with the tradition of literary education familiar to your students. The, idea of course, is to examine how different social and cultural contexts inform the students' reactions to these courses and to the texts therein.

Since World Literature is in many ways about the appropriation (both linguistically and culturally) of texts by other languages and cultures, papers on the experience of teaching as a foreign instructor whose educational background differs from that of his/her students are especially encouraged. Likewise, papers that base their theoretical arguments on real-world teaching experience are preferred.

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