Edited collection-Modernism and Vice

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Modernism and Vice collection

How did modernism intersect with vice? How did modernist writers and artists consider their engagements with the act of drinking alcohol, their sexual encounters, their smoking or their nefarious parties? Did they consider their actions as 'vices' or did they revel in them in decadent pleasure? How did vice and religious conscience intersect? How did certain writers represent vice in its various forms? And did their vices aid or hinder the writing processes and texts of the men and women who were to become the figureheads of Britain's modernist scene?

These questions, so long under-explored and deemed unnecessary to the understanding of the modernist texts produced by Joyce, Eliot, Lawrence, Pound, Woolf and their equally modernist but somewhat lesser known counterparts, are the subject of a proposed new edited collection. Original in subject-matter and focus, and potentially wide-ranging and open-minded in terms of its content and approaches, the editors welcome essays of no more than 10,000 words (including footnotes)that address the idea of modernists/modernism and vice.

From Lewis's self self-confessed alcoholism to Mansfield's venereal disease, the volume seeks to address this important yet overlooked aspect of modernism and its intersections with the reality of daily life, whilst building a revisionary, yet more accurate and realistic picture of the lives and contexts of the writers and texts who have become etched into the canon of modernist studies.

Please send abstracts (300 words or so) and a brief biography to modernismandvice@gmail.com. If interest proves sufficient then publishers (UK and US) will be contacted and essays commissioned.