CFP: New Terrain Graduate Conference - Feb. 27-28, 2014 at Indiana University

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Joshua Barnett, Department of Communication & Culture
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New Terrain - 8th Annual Landscape, Space, and Place Graduate Student Conference at Indiana University Bloomington

The conference will take place in the Indiana Memorial Union State Room East on February 27-28 and March 1, 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Keynote speakers: Stephanie DeBoer (Communication and Culture, Indiana University) on February 27, Janet Walker (Film and Media Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara) on February 28, and Kenneth Foote (Geography, University of Connecticut) on March 1.

Presentations will be on February 28 and March 1.

Indiana University's Department of Geography and Landscape Studies Program are hosting their 8th annual Landscape, Space, and Place (LSP) Graduate Student Conference. To reflect the increased focus on spatiality as a vital lens on a multitude of subjects, graduate students from all disciplines are invited to participate by presenting work that foregrounds issues of landscape, space, and place. In addition to paper sessions, there will also be a landscape architecture poster and model session. Via these various formats, we strive to create a dynamic, interactive atmosphere in which to foster discussion and academic growth.

Landscape studies is multidisciplinary and landscape's far-reaching academic connections and diverse array of approaches give the field its strength. The goal of the LSP conference is to bring together graduate students across disciplinary backgrounds to exchange ideas and consider novel perspectives. We also hope to encourage a more integrative framework upon which to build the future of the field.

Potential vectors through which to consider dimensions of landscape, space, and place include but are not limited to: Architecture and environment, war and violence, memory and history, gender and sexuality, race and nationality, economics and class, politics and social movements, coloniality and postcoloniality, film and media, gaming and technology, literature and popular culture, photography and visual culture, performance and the arts, sciences and public health

Potential questions to address include but are not limited to: How do landscapes shape dynamics of power and how do these power structures in turn shape landscapes? What are the relationships between spaces and cultural and artistic practices? How can places influence conceptualizations of citizenship and political involvement? What are some of the contemporary or historical ways of experiencing space? What are some of the ways of reproducing and circulating notions of place?

Panelists will be limited to 15-minute presentations and 5 minutes for questions. Poster session presenters will also be asked to give a brief introduction to their projects to begin the exhibit. Abstracts of approximately 250 words are due January 10, 2014 and should be sent to Any questions may be directed to Daniel Grinberg at or Katie Lind at