Creating the New Landscape: Women and the Future of Higher Education

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Deirdre Pettipiece Dean of Arts and Humanities Lehman College, CUNY
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Creating the New Landscape: Women and the Future of Higher Education

We seek submissions for an edited collection on the future of higher education from the women currently creating this future.

Where formerly positions of importance on campuses in America were almost entirely occupied by men, women leaders can now be found in every area from the admissions office to the President’s office. These women are creating the future of higher education with transformative leadership at a time of exciting change in the academy. In this collection, women in the vanguard of higher education explore and offer new leaders strategies for navigating this future. If you are relatively new to higher education administration, we encourage you to consider partnering with a senior woman leader to write a submission.

We are particularly interested in submissions that address any of the following:
• The changing demographics of students, faculty or administrators and the implications for the future of higher education
• Funding and economic challenges
• Inclusivity, diversity, retention and success
• Collaboration and or communication
• Innovation and flexibility
• Alternative delivery
• The future of residential colleges
• New research on learning and the future of higher education
• The future competitive landscape of higher education
• The future of global learning, civic engagement, community-based or service learning.
• Unbundling the faculty role
• The value of disciplines and working past and across them
• The future of the liberal arts, arts, STEM fields, professional degrees or another area in higher education
• Creating the future in any one of the following roles: Chancellor or Head of System, President, Provost, VP, Dean, Associate Dean, Director, Chair, CFO, CIO, Registrar

Submission options:
• A 15-20 page essay in which you identify a specific challenge for the future of higher education, provide an overview of how this challenge is currently being addressed, and offer a well-detailed solution. Please send a 200-500 word proposal that identifies the challenge, how it is currently being addressed and your proposed solution.
• A 3-paragraph response to the following questions: What do you think is either the most pressing or most overlooked challenge that will face some specific sector of higher education in 10 years? Why? What is one specific step that you recommend for addressing this challenge?
• A 2-page narrative describing how you have successfully implemented some specific strategy or solution to make change happen in the academy. Please send a 150-300 word proposal via email as a rich text format document.

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: December 15th, 2013 to:
Deirdre Pettipiece
Dean of Arts and Humanities
Lehman College, City University of New York

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