Annual Conference of the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education

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University of Leuven, Belgium

Annual Conference of the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education

"The Nineteenth Century"

Saturday 30 November 2013
KU Leuven, Irish College

Keynote speakers:

Regenia Gagnier (University of Exeter)
"The Global Circulation of Victorian Actants and Ideas: in the Niche of Nature, Culture, and Technology"

Ann Rigney (University of Utrecht)
"Did Walter Scott Cause a Civil War?"

The nineteenth century was a period of invention, exploration, urbanization, economic expansion, social change, mass migration, and globalization. These processes challenged the limits of the imagination and left their mark on the use of the English language. Over the past decade, literary critics have rekindled their interest in the new forms of literature that emerged to address these challenges, while linguists have come to realize that the nineteenth century holds a treasure-trove of linguistic data. Taking its cue from these developments, this conference sets out to explore the manifold manifestations of English literature and the English language in the nineteenth century. It aims to showcase innovative research on nineteenth-century English in all its guises. Proposals can address topics in the fields of literary studies, linguistics, translation studies, and English language teaching. Abstracts on the interaction between England, Ireland, and Europe are especially welcome. Topics of special interest include, but are not limited to:

- The representation of European geopolitics in English, Irish, and Scottish writing of the nineteenth century
- The English, Irish and Scottish reception of European aesthetics
- The role of translation in the construction of new English-medium identities in nineteenth-century Ireland and Scotland
- Language and literature in the wake of the Great Irish Famine
- Nineteenth-century literature and globalization
- The transition from Gaelic-medium to English-medium literature in nineteenth-century Ireland and Scotland
- Nineteenth-century English and Irish dialects
- Nineteenth-century language change
- The impact of migration on language
- Standardization and prescriptivism

Proposals should not exceed 250 words and will be due 31 October 2013. Please submit them electronically as an attachment in .doc or .pdf format and send them to the conference convenor, Frederik Van Dam ( More information can be found on the conference website (