"Multimedia Image Technologies and the American Indian Subject/Object"

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Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA): May 2014
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NAISA 2014: "Multimedia Image Technologies and the American Indian Subject/Object"

Proposals are requested for a panel on multimedia representations of American Indians over the 150 years, focusing on the colliding symbolic power of provocative self-representation and interpretive representations by non-indigenous artists. From the nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century photographic "captures" of indigenous people (such as those by Edward Curtis and Gertrude Kasebier) to the present-day "painting portraits" of Native people by European and American artists, the innovation of photographic technology combined with the long-established tradition of the painterly "portrait" has enabled representations of Native people to simultaneously be fetishistic, memorializing, progressive, postmodern, and fluidly powerful. This panel considers the representational power of the indigenous person vis-à-vis these multimedia products, and charts, with provocative examples, Native and non-Native responses to and empowered occupations of these static works of art.

Brief proposals and a one-page vita should be directed to Julianne Newmark (jnewmark@nmt.edu) or Cari Carpenter (cari.carpenter@mail.wvu.edu) by October 31.

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