ACLA 2014: The Speed of Capital: New Geographies, Mobile Optics, Emergent Narratives (Deadline: November 15, 2013)

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(American Comparative Literature Association) ACLA
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The spread and consolidation of capital have been effected not just through brute force and hegemonic ideologies but through the dimension of speed. Through 'dromology'—the study of the logic and impact of speed—Paul Virilio argues that control is not primarily about laws and contracts "but first and foremost a matter of movement and circulation." This relationship between speed and control has taken new forms with the digital turn that have profoundly altered our sense of space, time, and matter. Papers should reflect on some of these lines of inquiry:

* In what ways has the speed of literature—reading, consumption, circulation—been altered by the digital turn? Has the shift of literature from text to the digital medium led to new definitions of 'literature'?
* How do cultural texts absorb and 'catch up' with the speed of capital? Do the incorporation of the new imaginaries of speed change the narrative philosophies of literary texts? What new forms/genres emerge when tangible texts meet intangible speed?
* How should we begin articulating responses that speak back to the speed of capital? How is speed to be harnessed to build "a democratic technological culture"? What forms would a new politics—marrying the political economies of wealth and speed—take?
* How has capital appropriated the speed of 'mobile optics' like Google Earth (Rita Barnard's term) to remap older formations into more acquiescent entities? How do we untangle the overlapping strands of both the compliant and the resistant in these new imaginaries?

SEMINAR KEYWORDS: Speed and Capital, Speed and Literature, 21st Century Culture, Genre, Technology and
Democracy, Digital Humanities

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