The Apocalypse and Disaster in Culture [Update] Deadline 11/1

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Southwest PCA/ACA Conference February 19-22
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The Apocalypse and Disaster in Culture
Area of the 35th Annual Southwest PCA/ACA Conference
February 19-22, 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

The apocalypse and disaster are everywhere, even in Sleepy Hollow, for example. The Apocalypse and Disaster Area is calling for papers about anything apocalyptic or disaster-related. This can be in movies, television, literature, graphic novels, or any other cultural examples of disaster or the end.

Once again, this year did not disappoint in this topic, from Adventure Time to Divergent; the apocalypse is still alive and kicking in our culture and continues to thrive. So why are we so obsessed with ending it all? Why do humans keep coming back to these same types of stories? Why are we seeing a resurgence
of alien related apocalypses? What cultural fears do the works represent?

Please note that this area is specifically for those papers related to the apocalypse and disaster. For
example, there is now a separate Zombie Culture area, so if it's about the "zombie apocalypse" it goes
here, but if it is just about zombies, then it goes to that area.
Abstracts are due by November 1st and should be submitted to the submission database found at

Ideas for topics on Apocalypse and Disaster:
Real examples: "Doomsday Preppers" television documentary, Bath salt "Zombie" attacks,
Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami, East Coast Earthquake, Tornadoes, Haiti, Aurora and Newtown
Shootings, Atomic culture.

Film and TV: Sleepy Hollow, Dexter, Divergent, Oblivion, The Host, World War Z, After Earth, Pacific Rim, Adventure
Time, Melancholia, Falling Skies, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Revolution, Terminator, 2012, The Core, Daybreakers, Zombieland, Independence Day, Night of the Comet, Day after
Tomorrow, Armageddon, The War of the Worlds, End of Days, Last Night, 12 Monkeys, The Road, The Book of Eli, Dark Angel, Jericho, Battlestar Galactica, Children of Men, The Matrix,
Crimson Tide, Invasion, V, Contagion, Dante's Peak.

Literature: Breathe, World War Z, Divergent, Pesthouse, The Road, Children of Men, Alas Babylon, The Stand, etc.
Comic books and video games: Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil etc.
Poetry: William Butler Yeats, Gerald Stern, etc.
Religious Apocalypse: Revelations and other religious apocalyptic texts.

Theoretical approaches:
Apocalypse as response to terrorism, conservatism, gender issues
The History of the Apocalypse
Cultural Apocalypse of native cultures through colonization.
Apocalypse and disaster as response to economic issues, capitalism, or consumerism