Politics of Mobility and Identity

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Humanities Circle: International Journal of Central University of Kerala, India

International Journal of Central University of Kerala, India
ISSN 2321-8010

Vol. 1, Issue 3, Jan. 2014
Last Date for Submission: 31 December 2013

Focal Theme of the Issue:
Politics of Mobility & Identity

Humanities Circle, a peer reviewed biannual international journal of Central University of Kerala, India, covering the broad disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences, invites unpublished original research papers, project reports, critical commentaries, photo essays, professional reviews, and English translations of historical/literary texts related to the theme, Politics of Mobility & Identity, preferably with an interdisciplinary perspective, for its January 2014 issue.

A Brief Theme Note:
In the contemporary globalised socio-political milieu, borders of various manifestations have become both porous and solid simultaneously. The unprecedented increase in multi-polar flow of people, ideas, and technology coexists and quarrels with fundamentalisms of various hues. Such a situation is very complex and challenging as far as the broad disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences are concerned. The January 2014 issue of Humanities Circle initiates an interdisciplinary debate on this theme and invites submissions from scholars/activists on various manifestations of Politics of Mobility & Identity, cutting across national, religious, ideological, racial, gender, class, caste and disciplinary boundaries.

Submissions in English, on topics of contemporary relevance, strictly in APA/MLA style sheet, should be related to, but not be limited to, the following areas:

Brain Drain and Brain Gain
Political Economy of Mobility and Identity
Gender Crisscrossing and Cultural Issues
Debating Conversions and Consolidations
Global South & North Power Politics
Discourse of Diasporic Subjectivity
Socio-Economic Mobility and Identity
Literature/Art in the Time of Global Mobility
Deterritorialisation and Reterritorialisation
Technology and Virtual Mobility
Politics of Mobility and Identity in Cinema
Mobile Workforce and Social Issues
Cultural Pluralism and Mobility
Integration of Local Culture and Global Culture
Urban Migration and Rural Deprivation
Immobility of Caste/Race Identity
Reimagining Citizenship in the Globalised World

For submission and details visit/mail/call:
Dr. Vellikkeel Raghavan (Editor)
+91 9496 41 9986

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PO Vidyanagar, Kasaragod Dist.
India, PIN—671 123