Interventions in English Studies: Finding Our Places

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The University of Dayton
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"When I cannot see words curling like rings of smoke round me I am in darkness—I am nothing." –Virginia Woolf, The Waves

In celebration of 50 years of graduate studies, the University of Dayton invites you to join us for a conference devoted to an exploration of the space and place that words create. How does space inform our identities as writers? How do we perceive space, literally and figuratively, in literature? How does race or gender influence the space we are given, or take, in society? Where is our place in the classroom, and what can we do with it? We welcome papers from all corners of the discipline that seek to explore this theme. We are interested in hearing from the emerging voices of scholars and writers. This conference functions as a means for graduate students from varying fields of study to share innovative work and thought pertaining to English studies. We hope to see creative, critical and theoretical approaches to the conference theme.

Possible Topics Include:

  • Classroom spaces, teaching locales, other pedagogical places
  • Creative approaches to space, created places
  • Literary settings, interiors, exteriors
  • Conceptual spaces, imagined places, psychological spaces
  • Intimate spaces, intimated positions
  • Social spaces, classed, gendered, sexed, or racial zones
  • Analogue places, digital spaces
  • Literacy and place, global or local concerns
  • Theoretical spaces, critical territories, contact zones
  • Reading spaces, canonical or noncanonical spaces
  • Lost places, found spaces

Proposals of no more than 500 words should be submitted by January 5th, 2014 to