Sites of Sound, ACLA, March 20-23

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Julie Beth Napolin, The New School
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Sites of Sound
ACLA, "Capitals," March 20-23
New York University

This panel considers the relation between sound and place. We might say that sound is always "from" a place, despite the movement inherent to its physics. Place too can move in sound through acts of transmitting, translating and indexing. Sound registers, records, circulates, and resists place, and such place may or may not refer back to the human. These issues are perhaps compounded by the documentation and recording of sound as it stores, accumulates, and trades place. Topics might include the sound of the city; sound as analogue between human and nature; the anthropological, anthropomorphic, and anthropocenic quality of sound; transnational cultures or methods of listening; the rise of musical ethnography and field recording; accumulation and the archive; the philosophy of memory; the racialization of sound; the transmission of sound within and between human cultures; new media forms of mapping, generating, and storing sound; and site-specific sound art.

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