Contact, a new 19c journal is looking for essays(1-2k or 5-8k words). December 1st deadline.

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Contact is an experimental, interdisciplinary journal devoted to investigating the world of nineteenth century letters. Twice a year, Contact will present a robust discussion featuring academic articles, provocative short essays, and reactions to recent conferences and notable publications.

We are now soliciting papers for our inaugural issue which will consider the theme of encounters.

Encounters happen when people, cultures, things, and ideas meet—sometimes unexpectedly, briefly, or violently. In the nineteenth century, the expansion of empire and exploration facilitated encounters on a global scale. New technologies of travel and communication proliferated and entrenched the lines of contact. A burgeoning print culture and the emergence of new media, like film and photography, shaped how people encountered literature, politics, celebrities, and even their own psyches. In theaters, clubs, and on newly lighted streets, bodies and ideologies encountered each other in startling, unmapped ways. Even the researcher in the archive has a tale of encounter to tell. We invite interpretations of this theme that seek to define, imagine, or describe the causes and effects of nineteenth century encounters from a range of disciplinary, theoretical, and critical perspectives.

We are looking for a wide range of interdisciplinary submissions, from longer academic papers (5-8k words) to short essays
(1-2k words). Submissions should be formatted according to the latest edition of the MLA Style Guide. Shorter essays might offer reactions to recent conference panels and publications, describe provocative archival finds, or propose fresh critical approaches.
Submissions should be sent electronically in any editable format to

The deadline for consideration in the Spring 2014 issue is December 1st.

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