The Global Detective (Deadline: Nov. 15), ACLA 2014

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Ali Kulez / University of Southern California
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Marx and Engels observe in The Communist Manifesto that capitalist exploitation has given a "cosmopolitan" character to production and consumption, be it material or cultural. This observation seems to hold even truer today: economies grow closely interdependent, capital crosses national boundaries with ease, and literature presents itself more than ever as a global system, blurring the demarcation lines between capital and periphery. The detective fiction of the past decades reflects these globalizing trends in various ways. Authors from as diverse national backgrounds as Paul Auster, Ricardo Piglia, Orhan Pamuk and Haruki Murakami have tried their hands at the genre, reframing its Anglo-American heritage in ways that question commonly held metaphysical, epistemological and political premises. This seminar will adopt a global perspective in its approach to the genre of detective fiction. We invite papers which explore detective stories, novellas, and novels from a variety of critical angles. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

neoliberalism and detective fiction
transnational interactions
detective fiction and critical theory
(economic, cultural, symbolic) capital and periphery
reappropriation of generic conventions
Internet and the digital detective