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Kebangsaan University Malaysia, The Memory Network and the University of Roehampton, UK

Since the mid-eighties, Malaysia's rapid economic growth has triggered enormous socio-economic and cultural changes, and this transformation has led to pressing questions about the changing nature of the country and the lives of its citizens, as well as the
state of local and national history, identity and cultural memory and heritage. We have seen radical changes in, for instance, patterns of food consumption (leading to health issues such as obesity), in new forms of transportation, urban planning and architecture altering the structure of feeling of the country and its capital, and in the radical renegotiation of the nature-city balance. We have also seen the conscious negligence of
Malaysia's colonial history, and paradoxically, the continuation of colonialist approaches to early settlers.

This conference proposes to be the start of a comprehensive interdisciplinary mapping of a country in transition from a multiplicity of critical-creative perspectives. What is as stake, and therefore central to our investigation, is memory, both at the level of the individual, subjective self as well as our sense of collective and cultural memory. This conference offers exciting possibilities for the international dissemination and exchange of knowledge and research across cultural borders and academic disciplines. We are
particularly keen for individual scholars or panels to take an interdisciplinary look at specific topics such as the representation of cognition/memory in Malaysian forms of art and literature; the Malay cultural adaptation and production within the digital era; the relationship between language and thought; the role and intersection between linguistics/psychology/anthropology in understanding memory in changing contexts; linguistic relativity and universality; cross-cultural differences in cognition/memory; architecture and interpreting urban semiotics; changing food cultures and dietics. We'd also be very much interested to draw papers from colleagues working in neuroscience with an interest in interdisciplinarity. For further information or to submit a 200 word proposal for a
twenty-minute paper, please see the websites http://www.ukm.my/ppbl/3L/3LHome.html or www.thememorynetwork.net or send an email to Nick Lavery at memorynetwork@roehampton.ac.uk The deadline for proposals is 8 November.

Invited speakers include:
TASH AW (Novelist)
Professor ASIFA MAJID (Centre for Language Studies,
Radboud University, Netherlands)
SHARAAD KUTTAN (Broadcaster and journalist)
PAUL ANTICK (Photography, University of Roehampton, UK)
and Linguistics, UKM)
SHIVANI SIVAGURUNATHAN (writer and academic, School
of English, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)
KAM RASLAN (Writer and journalist)
Dr GAIK CHENG KHOO (School of Cultures, Languages
and Area Studies, Nottingham, Malaysia)
Dr SEBASTIAN GROES (English Literature and Creative
Writing, University of Roehampton, UK)
Dr SEAN MATTHEWS (School of Cultures, Languages and
Area Studies, Nottingham, Malaysia)

Conference organisers: Professor Ruzy Hashim (UKM) and Dr Sebastian Groes(Roehampton)