[Update] Global Capital and Digital Asia Pacific (ACLA Special Seminar, NYU, 03/20-03/23/14)

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Koonyong Kim
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Our contemporary world is often characterized in terms of the full-fledged emergence of global or transnational capitalism and its deployment of cybernetic and digital technology. In theorizing the genealogy of global or transnational capital, it is also noteworthy that the postwar restructuring of capitalism that is underpinned by the digital revolution goes in tandem with the rise of the Asia-Pacific. As can be seen in the ascendance of the United States, Japan, the so-called Four Little Tigers, and China as foremost capitalist economies, the Asia-Pacific has arisen as one of the most vibrant sites of economic, social, and cultural production since the Second World War. In view of the capital roles the Asia-Pacific has played in the advent of digital and new media culture in a globalizing world, it is unsurprising that numerous innovative transnational cultural forms such as video art, cyberpunk, anime, the Internet novel, the cellphone novel, Web cartoon, digital literature, and online computer gaming have flourished in this region more than anywhere else on the globe.

Our seminar seeks to illuminate the entwinement of global capital, postmodern visual/digital culture, and the Asia-Pacific by examining innovative literary and cultural forms that capitalize on new media and cybernetic technology. We welcome any proposals that excavate contemporary literary and cultural formations in the Asia-Pacific and are especially interested in the following topics:

• Asia-Pacific and Its Role in the Expansion of Contemporary Global Capitalism
• Postmodern Visual Culture
• New Media as New Cultural Capital
• Literature and Culture in the Age of Digital Technology
• Cybernetic Culture as Cultural Logic of Transnational Capitalism
• Transnational Cultural Exchange and Trans-media Forms

If you have any questions, send your inquiries to koonyong.kim@gmail.com. Your paper proposal should be submitted on the ACLA website: http://www.acla.org/submit/

Submission deadline is November 15th, 2013 (midnight Pacific Standard Time).