(TEMP)orary: Time and Temporality in Text

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UGA English Graduate Organization Student Conference (March 22-23, 2014)

What is Time? Where is Time? When is Time? We all grapple with these sorts of questions. Do we have enough of it? Can we ever have enough of it? What about too much? Time is the ultimate rhetorical question, and the one that this conference seeks to answer. Or, if not answer, to problematize.

Temporality, our lived experience of Time, pervades all and reveals itself in a variety of ways. Be it through the days of the life of an Evelina, the ways that people archive their own memories on YouTube, or even the implications of futurity in post-apocalyptic video games, we can trace the echoes of temporality in any text we encounter. Perhaps you will remark on the differences\ between temporalities of a book and its filmic adaptation, or the significance of stay-time in the design of a particular website, or the way a narrator manipulates the passage of time across novels. We want your ideas on text in all its various forms.

Scheduled panels still accepting presentation proposals include:
"Theoretical Inquiries into Narrative Time and Memory"
"Movie Time! Genre Filmmaking and Temporal Play"
"The Anxiety of Historical Change: Fear of the Future and the Novel"
"Renaissance Time(s) and Anachronies"

The following panels are scheduled and are already filled:
"Physical, Phenomenological, Historical: Faulkner and Time"
"Navigating and Negotiating Time in Select Graphic Novels"
"Back to the Futures, Pasts and Presents: Temporality in Science Fiction and Fantasy"

We are currently inviting Paper Proposals right now. Please submit your proposal no later than January 15th to: UGA.EGO.Conference@gmail.com

In your proposals, please include the following:
Moderator's name and institutional affiliation
Presentation Title and 250 word abstract

Conference dates/location: March 22-23; Athens, GA