The Orientalism by Edward Said

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Ibrahim Jamal Al-Khazali
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The identify of Orientalism by Said is studying differences of Arab peoples and
culture as compared to that of Europe and the U.S, and also he talks about Arab
culture as exotic, backward, and uncivilized. Edward studies about orientalism that
included the Middle East, the near East, and the Far East. These areas of the world
start conflict sooner than any part of the world. The most of his approach that he
studies orientalism through language. Also, Said talks about early days of the
eighteenth century that one of the main approaches was to learn different languages
and translate the native words into western languages. He said that people thought
that this was the way to study the culture. Orientalism created the conflict between
different culture and different language. This evidence is that people from the west
are not sure how they should be representing the culture, or what rules should be
using to describe the oriental culture, an how Said describes orientalism and its
origin that these are confusion between Eastern from Western writers and the
colonizers from the 18th century to the present day. As Edward Said's explains, an
American Palestinian cultural theorist has written upon a diverse range of western literature and culture.

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