"Sounds, Music & Soundscapes"

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University of applied Sciences Kiel

We are happy to accept articles for the peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary Yearbook of Immersive Media (Jahrbuch immersiver Medien). The 2014 issue is entitled "Sounds, Music & Soundscapes".
Research on forms of media experience tend to concentrate on visuals. Owing to this, mainly pictorial forms such as panoramas, stereoscopic 3D media, dome projections or the HMD are treated as scenarios of immersion. This focus on visual immersion is even apparent when the discourse focusses on multimodal forms of media such as the film or the video game. Yet it is not just the visual parameters that allow an immersive experience. Sergei Eisenstein, for instance, stressed that a fusion of film and audience can only succeed through sound, and he did this some years before his emphatic article about stereoscopic Raumfilm. In this regard, he wrote of an acoustic embrace of the space of the cinema by Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, to immerse the audience completely into the sonic world of a Wagnerian orchestra. This relevance of acoustics for the creation of immersive and atmospheric phenomena can be extended in a variety of media types and space types, be it the emotional mood of an empty space, be it the importance of the soundscape for the experience of a film or the significance of music for the preservation of the flow-experience in a video game.

The yearbook of immersive media is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication aimed at an international academic readership. The Yearbook invites to send articles dealing with themes like music, sound studies, sound effects, sound design, film, virtual reality, game studies etc. applied to the concept of acoustic immersion and atmospheres.
Submitted articles must be original contributions that engage with recent studies dealing with immersive theory and practice, the production and reception of atmospheres, or the concept of presence. Contributions should be 5000 to 8000 words in length. Please send an abstract, a brief biographical information and contact details and your article to Dr. Patrick Rupert-Kruse via: immersive-medien@fh-kiel.de. The deadline for articles is the 17. March 2014. A style sheet can be obtained through our website at www.immersive-medien.de.