Idiorrhythmy: Mining the Fantasy of How to Live Together

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BABEL Working Group Meeting (16-18 October 2014)

Session at the 3rd Biennial BABEL Working Group Meeting

Building on recent investigations on temporality and playing on the themes of institutionality, thriving, dissent, and friendship, this panel asks participants to take Barthes's lecture notes for How to Live Together and seize them precisely as they were intended – as a cue for speech. The panel incites presenters to generate their own investigations from this material, which for a medievalist is riddled with many homologies and affinities, yet nevertheless beats to a different drum. Structured as a roundtable discussion, panelists are encouraged to approach the subject from both a historical and historiographic perspective through short 5-10 minute position papers that mine the fantasy of rhythm and the creation of communal space, particularly focusing on art, visual culture, architecture, and music. The lecture notes for Barthes's course will then serve as a template for the discussion as an informal script per se that will be mined.

See link below for full session description and submission guidelines. Proposals due by 1 APRIL 2014.