[UPDATE] Post-Sexuality/Post-Queer

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Maia Gil'Adi, The George Washington University
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This panel is for participation in the George Washington University's English Graduate Student Association's symposium, "Post-ing: A Symposium on What Comes After." For more information please visit the symposium website: http://2014egsapost-ing.webs.com/

In Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity Jose Esteban Muñoz demarcates "queerness" as a potentiality, "a certain mode of nonbeing that is eminent, a thing that is present but actually existing in the present tense." Therefore the queer is a "not yet here" and yet "future bound;" a promise of what is to come. In the same vein, postfeminism is also marked by being both retro- and neo-. Its intercontextuality brings us to the limits of what we think we know and pushes us beyond these limits, destabilizing our sense of gender, sexuality and the body.

This panel wishes to explore representations of gender, sexuality, queerness and postfeminism in literature and popular culture. What are the implications of "post-ing" such notions? How might postfeminism or post-queerness modify our interpretations of such cultural productions? Is queerness or postfeminism altered by a hope of utopia? How does the promise of the future expose the disjunctions within the ideals of postfeminism or queerness?

Work on posthuman gender and sexuality, digital and biotech bodies more generally is also welcome.

Please submit a brief abstract of no more than 250 words to Maia Gil'Adi (mgiladi@email.gwu.edu) by November 30, 2013.