Inaugural Issue - Journal of Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (JCIHE) Spring 2014

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Association of Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
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Spring 2014 Volume 1 Issue 1 ‡ ONLINE ISSN 2327-5936

The Editors of Journal of Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (JCIHE) encourages the submission of manuscripts from educational researchers that will contribute to the understanding or improvement of educational processes and outcomes. The Journal's audience includes faculty, administrators, graduate students and other educators engaged in research and practice in higher education.

• Manuscripts include quantitative or qualitative studies that focus on the interpretation, implication, or significance of research related to higher education (limit 3,500 words).

• Dissertation Summaries include dissertation topics of methods and findings related to current issues in higher education (limit 3,500 words).

• Graduate Student Research includes research studies by registered part-time or full-time graduate students who have completed exemplary research on topics in higher education (limit 3,500).

Maximum length of articles are up to 3,500 words (excluding abstract and references), double spaced pages in 12-point type, Times New Roman, standard margins (1" on all sides). Manuscripts must be prepared according to the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition. Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal's online manuscript submission and peer review system (

Please sign on to the journal's website ( ) and register as an author to submit.

The Journal is a non-profit professional publication that operates through the voluntary services of editors, copy editors, reviewers and guest editors, consequently, all positions with the Journal are unpaid. For further information, please visit the journal's website or contact the Managing Editor at

Manuscripts published in the Journal express solely the opinions of the respective authors. Authors are responsible for their citing of sources and the accuracy of their references and bibliographies. The editors cannot be held responsible for any oversights or potential violations of third parties' rights.

Unless otherwise noted, copyrights for the texts which comprise all issues of Journal of Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (JCIHE) are held by the Journal. The journal as a whole is Copyright © by JCIHE, all rights reserved.

Items published by JCIHE may not be republished in any medium without written consent from the author(s) and advance notification of the JCIHE editorial board.

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