Position: The Power and Politics of Witnessing (February 28 and March 1, 2014, The Ohio State University)

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Graduate Theatre Syndicate at The Ohio State University
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The Graduate Theatre Syndicate at The Ohio State University proudly presents Position: The Power and Politics of Witnessing in conjunction with the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute and The Ohio State University Department of Theatre's production of The House of the Spirits by Caridad Svich. We are currently inviting proposals for the 2014 Graduate Theatre Symposium on February 28th and March 1st in Columbus, Ohio. Proposals for traditional conference papers, workshops, performances and more interactive or experimental formats are welcome and encouraged.
Our position in the world impacts not only our experience of the world, but our expression within it. We seek to interrogate the ways in which position, in its many meanings, has impact upon this experience, particularly through memory and witnessing. How does one's positionality (the position from which one experiences the world – ie. gender, ethnicity, culture, orientation, faith system, socioeconomic background, etc.) affect the narrative of memory? As artists, how might we negotiate our position both in the creation of work as well as in the process of collaboration? How might the notion of position evoke pedagogical considerations?
We invite proposals which focus on the concept of position, memory, and witnessing in ways that might include, but are not limited to:
Position as…
Perspective – a point of view, an argument, a fortification, contextualization, positionality, gender/sex/sexuality, memory.
Society – power/rank/status/authority, privilege, relation to Other, what is appropriate or customary, arrangement.
Embodiment - physical form, body in space, stance, posture, posing, property of the body, athlete, dance, condition, place, locality, geography, environment, memorial.
Occupation – participant, observer/witness, employment, engagement.
Words for consideration: (im)position, (de)position, (pro)position, (juxta)position, (ap)position, (inter)position, (re)position, (super)position, (pre)position, (trans)position.
Proposals are due by January 6th, 2014. Please submit an abstract of no more than 250-words, along with your name, contact information, affiliation, type of proposal (paper, workshop, performance, other) and any A/V requests. Submit proposals and any questions to Elizabeth Wellman at theatresyndicate@gmail.com.