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Ecloga : Journal of Literature and the Arts. Modernist Studies Special Edition.
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Deadline extended to 6th January 2014.

Modernist Studies Special Edition. 2014.
Produced in collaboration with the
Scottish Network of Modernist Studies.

Ecloga : Journal of Literature and the Arts is pleased to announce a Modernist Studies Special Edition for 2014, produced in collaboration with the scholars of the Scottish Network of Modernist Studies and funded by the AHRC.

Since 2001, Ecloga has published outstanding research from all over the world by postgraduates and early career academics working in the broad field of English Studies. Ecloga is a peer-reviewed journal published in print and open-access online by postgraduate researchers at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The Scottish Network of Modernist Studies is a forum for discussion and productive exchange between those working on modernism in any discipline, within and outwith the academy. The network is comprised of established voices and experts, and emerging scholars and early career researchers currently based in Scotland.

The 2014 special edition, will focus solely on 'New Work in Modernist Studies'. Submissions are invited from all researchers writing about modernism or adapting interdisciplinary approaches to modernist literature and the humanities: from art, history, cultural studies and critical theory to design, film, drama, music and philosophy.

The journal edition will be launched in May 2014 with a conference on Modernist Studies and Academic Publishing to be held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. While the journal and associated scholars are located in Scotland, the outlook of both Ecloga and the Scottish Network of Modernist Studies is international, and contributions are encouraged from all countries and critical fields.

This publication and conference are funded by an AHRC Collaborative Skill Development Award.
Modernist scholars are encouraged to submit new work on any artist, theory or critical enquiry associated with any aspect of modernist art or scholarship in its broadest and most diverse sense. In contemplating a submission to the special edition of the journal it may be of use to consider the following indicative, but by no means exhaustive, list of possible issues to consider:

• Atrocity, trauma and the centenary of the Great War
• The Avant-Garde
• Ecologies and urban development
• Emotion and affect
• Formal innovation and interdisciplinarity
• Madness, perspective and interior life
• Mainstream critical orthodoxies: questioning 'high' modernist canons and chronologies
• Modernist pedagogy and the role of a 'modernist scholar'
• Modern and contemporary legacies and historical anticipations
• Performance
• Public intellectuals/artists and the creation/curation of Modernism
• Questioning assumptions: 'high' modernist canons, chronology, critical orthodoxy
• Secularism and Religion
• Sex and sexuality
• Socio-political contexts and social upheaval
• Space, place, temporality and geography
• Tradition, myth and mysticism
• Travel, transnationalism, movement and transport
• Voices, speech, dialogue, cacophony, collage, montage
• Responses to proceedings at recent major Modernist Studies events suchas Alternative Modernisms at Cardiff University or MSA 15 at University of Sussex

Please send submissions of no more than 7000 words, in MLA formatting, along with a brief academic biography, to eclogasnoms@gmail.com by 6th January 2014. Please Note Deadline Extension.