4th Annual Graduate Student Conference: The Heights of Humor [April 4-5, 2014; Boulder, CO]

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University of Colorado, Boulder Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Student Conference

In spite of academics' acute awareness of the dearth of criticism on
humor, the topic continues to go conspicuously underworked. What is it about human culture that leads us to cringe at the idea of stoic critique of humorous texts? Why do we almost necessarily consider humor ineffable? This conference seeks papers that address the question of humor in Hispanic, Lusophone, and English literature, translations, and criticism. The conference will take place on April 4-5, 2014.

The Heights of Humor conference will engage your ideas on humor, which may include responses to the following questions:

-Can humor be successfully translated?
-What happens when we translate humor?

-What happens when humor fails? What are the ways in which humor can fail?
-How do we determine the successful integration of humor into a narrative?

-How does humor respond to social and political phenomena in a way that "serious" narratives cannot?
-How is humor co-opted by power structures and thus stripped of its rebellious nature?
-How is humor "translated" by its political context?

-How do we gauge the appropriateness of humor?
-Who has the authority to create or distribute humor?
-How do appropriateness and authority interact?
-Can humor transcend traditional boundaries of appropriateness when in translation?

Eduardo Lago, Professor Spanish at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, NY and acclaimed author of the novels Llámame Brooklyn (2006) and Siempre supe que volvería a verte, Aurora Lee (2013), collections of short stories such as Ladrón de mapas (2007) and Cuentos dispersos (2000), and the memoir, Cuaderno de Méjico (2000). Also an awarded literary critic, Eduardo Lago will be discussing humor in translation in his keynote address.

Humor, Comedy, Laughter, Parody, Irony, Jokes, Fool, Folly, Comic, Hispanic Literature, Lusophone Literature,
English Literature, Translation

Please submit your paper title and abstract to CU.GraduateConference@gmail.com by December 20, 2013. Please feel free to contact the conference organizers at this same address. You can also visit our website http://cugradconference.blogspot.com/ or connect with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/humor2014.