The 8th Conference of the Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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Sophia Li and I-Chun Wang
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Ideas of Rulership: Kings and Queens in Elite and Popular Cultures, to be held on 24-25 October 2014

Over the centuries monarchs wielded power and empire, whereas the rest of the populace swayed the rise and fall of their civilization. From Julius Caesar to King Arthur to Elizabeth I, their feats and portraits were disseminated in various forms of representations that tell stories of different cultural imaginings.

Locating the ideas of 'rulership' in elite and popular contexts, the proposed conference explores various ideational frameworks of kingship and queenship – constructed, historicized, re-imagined, popularized, satirized – and their cultural contents in mythological, biblical, philosophical, political, artistic, and social traditions.

Topics for consideration include (but are not limited to):
The making of monarchs
Transition of power and struggle
Ruler, land, and people
Imperial cult in court and folk cultures
Kings and queens in power, in exile, in prison, behind the throne, or elsewhere
Kingship/Queenship in drama, visual arts and performing arts
Philosophical discourses on rulership
Iconography, royal symbolisms, and social realities
Critical models and theories of gender and power
Kingship/queenship on film

TACMRS aims to foster research synergies by warmly inviting papers that reach beyond the traditional chronological and disciplinary borders of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies. Please send proposals to Sophia Li or I-Chun Wang by 5 January 2014.