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Department of Humanities, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly. U.P. India
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There has been seen a vast gap between the teachers and students in our classrooms despite the best of efforts from both the sides. It is relevant then to stop and take a close look at what is wrong and needs mending. There should be a programme in Teaching Pedagogy to reorient teachers to meet this gap. The Programme should aim at enabling professionals to disseminate formal information effectively, understand the intricacies of communicating most clearly and comprehensibly in the chosen medium to provide an insight into effective teaching.
Businesses want graduates who will not only add value but also possess the skills that would transform their organizations in the face of continuous and rapid economic and technological changes. All graduates irrespective of their academic discipline need to be equipped with employability skills that cover a wide range of non-academic or softer skills and abilities which are of value at the workplaces. It includes the ability to communicate effectively in various professional contexts; work in a team; a willingness to demonstrate initiative and original thought; self discipline in starting and completing tasks in time. In short, today's employers expect the fresh graduates to possess the necessary skills to perform well in their organizations and it is to this end that universities play an important role. It is crucial that universities and employers work with students to provide proper signposting to ensure they are in a position to make informed decisions and to develop and realize their goals.
Department of Humanities is organizing a 6-day workshop on COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR CHANGE MANAGEMENT IN CLASSROOMS, under the Faculty Development Programme from 9-14 Dec. 2013. The workshop aims at helping the faculty at the secondary and tertiary levels to tackle the changes that impact our classrooms today. It is imperative that teachers keep up with the changes that impact students in the modern times. The baggage that students carry to the class has to be tackled by the teachers as also it is important that students be trained to face the changes that are there between a classroom environment and work environment.

The workshop shall be stretched in 6 days/12 sessions.
The workshop seeks to help teachers by :
Providing a strong theoretical foundation and a practical understanding of employability skills with a view to enhancing ability for improved and effective pedagogies.
Exploring the relation between professionalism and good communication skills.
Helping them Understand the process of change management.


Faculty members from Engineering & Pharmacy, MCA and MBA/degree colleges and Inter colleges across the country are invited to

Nearly 50 faculty members are expected
to participate in the workshop.

Registration Fee and Important Dates
Last Date: 30 November 2013.
Proposed Dates: 9-14 December 2013.

The registration fee includes local transport to the
workshop venue, lunch, refreshments and
delegate kit.

Resource persons: Eminent experts from BHU, Varanasi; MSU, Baroda; EFLU, Lucknow; IIT, Patna; Kumaun University, Almora, etc.
Coordinator: Dr. Asha Choubey
Dept. of Humanities