2014 (dis)junctions Graduate Student Conference Media Panel - University California, Riverside

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University of California, Riverside English Graduate Student Association

(dis)junctions is the interdisciplinary conference hosted by the English graduate students at UC Riverside, and is designed as a friendly forum for graduate students of all levels to introduce their latest work. The theme of this year's conference, "Irreverent Readings," is geared specifically toward innovative projects working with materials, methodologies, and ideas which are not necessarily canonical, mainstream, popular, or even all that respected. We invite your radical ideas, subversive arguments, contrary views, renegade theories, and irreverent readings.

(dis)junctions 2014 will be a place to try out the new, to resist the powerful, to generate the future of scholarship. Students working in underrepresented areas or with non-canonical texts are especially encouraged to apply. Don't stand on the shoulders of giants; tip those giants over and see what they were standing on. Eat your (theoretical) parents!

Please submit an abstract (no more than 250 words) to Eric.Atkinson@email.ucr.edu by February 8, 2014 with the subject heading of (dis)junctions 2014. We will contact selected panelists no later than March 1, 2014.

For more information, please visit our website http://www.disjunctions2014.org/disjunctions-2014/4576061877. If there are any questions, please email Eric.Atkinson@email.ucr.edu or disjunctions2014@gmail.com.