"Small World: Campus Fiction – Insular or Global?" Seminar; June 5-7, Bucharest, Romania

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The English Department of the University of Bucharest, Romania/The Institute of English, German and Communication Studies, Koszalin University of Technology

"Small World: Campus Fiction – Insular or Global?" Seminar
Bucharest, 5-7 June 2014,
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Str. Pitar Moş 7-13, Bucharest

The aim of the seminar is to take a closer look at various aspects of academic fiction with a particular focus on what is beyond the well-established canon. Thus, we invite papers on a variety of themes, not entirely excluding British and American fiction, but concerned predominantly with regional representations of the academy in literature and/or the way the Anglo-American canon has influenced them. We invite diverse approaches to the seminar theme, particularly welcoming papers dealing with:
1) examples of campus fiction in literatures outside what is sometimes perceived to be its British and American "home territory";
2) the success (or failure) of campus fiction (wherever it may come from) to engage with issues in a wider world both socially and geographically beyond the boundaries of its characteristically insular setting.

Possible topics include:
- higher education system in transition: ideals and reforms;
- debates, arguments, consensus in theory and practice;
- multiculturalism and the spectre of (neo-)colonialism;
- campus fiction and the postcolonial world;
- internationalization of campus fiction & immigrant narratives;
- feminism and post-feminism;
- mysticism, prejudice, superstitions;
- virtual campus of the digital age;
- academe in film (adaptation);
- campus in sub-genre conventions (campus murder mystery; conference novel; memoirs; etc.);

A seminar organized as part of the the 16th annual conference of the English Department University of Bucharest, Romania, in collaboration with the Institute of English, German and Communication Studies, Koszalin University of Technology, Poland*

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim, Gdańsk University
Prof. Ewald Mengel, University of Vienna
Prof. Merritt Moseley, University of North Carolina, Asheville

Presentations should be in English, and will be allocated 20 minutes each, plus 10 minutes for discussion. Prospective participants are invited to submit abstracts of maximum 200 words in Word format. Proposals should include title of paper, name and institutional affiliation, a short bio (no more than 100 words), and e-mail address.

Papers presented at the seminar may be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed volume of proceedings.

Conference fee: 50 Euro (or equivalent in Romanian Lei)
(covering lunches and refreshments during the conference, including the opening reception on 5 June, but not evening meals)

Please send proposals (and enquiries) to the following e-mail address:
Deadline for proposals: 15 March 2014

Further details about the Conference can be found at http://www.unibuc.ro/depts/limbi/literatura_engleza/conferinte.php

We look forward to welcoming you in Bucharest.

Lidia Vianu, University of Bucharest
Wojciech Klepuszewski, Koszalin University of Technology

* The seminar is part of a project which started in Vienna (Academic Fiction in Anglo-American Perspective, 10-11 September 2013), and was continued in Greifswald (Changing Places: Der (Post-)Moderne Universitätsroman in der Anglo-Amerikanischen und in der Deutschsprachigen Tradition, 29 November-1 December 2013).