[UPDATE] Bronte from the Beginnings: Charlotte Bronte's Juvenilia

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Bronte Juvenilia Essay Collection
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Contributions are sought for a collection addressing Charlotte Brontë's juvenilia, including but not limited to her serialized works, poems, and short tales, as well as several longer pieces that might be considered novellas. Charlotte Brontë authored the Juvenilia before she turned twenty-four years old, so contributions might focus upon how these early pieces predict and inform our understanding of her later works. The collection pays homage both to the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë's birth and to the work of Christine Alexander, who has compiled and edited the juvenilia in her three volume An Edition of The Early Writings of Charlotte Brontë (1987-91) and is about to release the final two volumes. The collection holds wide ranging possibilities for scholars from many fields, ranging from specialists in studies of childhood to those exploring periodical and serial publications in the first half of the nineteenth century. Romantic scholars will be drawn to the juvenilia and its emergence before Victoria takes the throne; Victorianists will be fascinated by the ways in which the juvenilia can be seen as source material for many of Charlotte Brontë's mature works as well as the texts as original creations in their own rights. Scholars may also want to consider the relations between Charlotte Brontë's juvenilia and that of her siblings, most notably her collaboration with Branwell Bronte. Authors are invited to submit a title and one page abstract by 31st December 2013, with essays of approximately 6,000 words due in summer 2014; please email all materials to Dr. Judith Pike (jepike@salisbury.edu) and Dr. Lucy Morrison (lxmorrison@salisbury.edu); all enquiries are welcome. Ashgate has expressed a strong interest in this collection.