[UPDATE] CFP: "Visions of Empire," 6th Annual Medievalist Graduate Student Conference, February 28, 2014

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Medievalists @ Penn, University of Pennsylvania
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Medievalists @ Penn (M@P) is a graduate student organization at the University of Pennsylvania invested in developing a broad interdisciplinary understanding of the Middle Ages. We are pleased to announce our 6th Annual Graduate Student Conference, "Visions of Empire."

Keynote Speaker: Maud McInerney, Associate Professor of English, Haverford College; "Crooked Greek: Genealogy and Prophecy in Geoffrey of Monmouth and Aeneid VI"

The idea of empire (whether historical, mythological, or somewhere in between) has figured significantly both in medieval literary, cultural, political, and theological productions, and in modern scholarship on virtually every aspect of the Middle Ages. This conference aims to explore how medieval conceptions of empire and imperium shaped and were shaped by – or "envisioned" – such productions.

In what ways were mytho-classical ancestries, such as those of Rome and Troy, or Scriptural and Quranic genealogical claims, employed in the authorization of power and the assertion of legitimacy? Where do we witness the interplay between real and imagined empires? How are empires tracked and represented through visual and material objects, such as maps, manuscripts, seals, coins, and stained glass windows? What is the nature of the relationship between power and learning embedded in examples of the well-known topos translatio studii et imperii? In what ways are earthly empires portrayed as similar to or different from heavenly empires? What role did travel narratives play in the mapping of empires? What form did medieval models of territorial and religious expansion take? In what ways did medieval empire inform the Age of Exploration?

We invite abstracts for 15-20 minute papers that engage with these and/or other questions concerning medieval empire. Please submit abstracts as attachments to pennmedieval@gmail.com by December 15, 2013 [DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 31, 2013]. Submissions should include your name, paper title, email, and institutional and departmental affiliation. The deadline for full paper submission, not to exceed 10 pages, is February 15, 2014.