Call for Papers: Research papers on Politic and Sociology: "Political and sociological basics of the modern democratic state"

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Scientific publishing company “Hersoie”
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Warsaw, 04.12.2013

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Scientific publishing company "Hersoie" invite you to participate in a collection of papers:

Research papers on Politic and Sociology:

Political and sociological basics of the modern democratic state

In an age of globalization and multilevel (local, national, supranational, global) networking of collective decision-making processes, in which social and political boundaries are being reshaped and new dynamics of social and political inclusion and exclusion are emerging, this scope of political participation in democratic process is wider and rapidly changing.
The aim of this collection of research papers is to explore the extended scope of political and social basics in relation to democratic arrangements and processes within the government. Within this broad theme, all crucial concepts of politic and sociology are embraced. These include: challenged legitimisation of democratic representative institutions; changing power relationships between citizens and the state; the making of a new political order across the interaction of macro- and micro-level actors; the battle for cultural, social, and institutional change involving networked individuals and organized groups at local, national and global levels.

CEO Hersoie
Jurand Kuna

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Research papers on Politic and Sociology:
Political and sociological basics of the modern democratic state


• Application deadline: 27.12.2013
(acceptation in 5 days)
• Date of publication: 20.01.2014
• Publication: E-book with certificate
• Registration: ISBN number,
• Languages: All European Languages
• Academic Review: not required
• Available paper pages: 2-6 A4 pages
• Cost: 25 €
• Participants: students, postgraduate, doctors, scientific researchers, other professionals in sociology and political science.

Topics may include but are not limited to the following:
Problems civic socialization of students; Problems of social communication; Processes and trends in world history, formation the legal powers; Modern political science in the world: problems and prospects; Social and philosophical problems of communication; Sociological aspects of socio-economic and political processes; Causes and effects of the liberalization of society; Positive and negative aspects of liberal democracy; The people, culture and nation.

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