Institute for Critical Animal Studies North American Conference

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Institute for Critical Animal Studies

13th annual North American Conference for

The 2014 North American Critical Animal Studies Conference invites papers, presentations, and workshops from scholars, activists, and artists working on ethical and political issues concerning nonhuman animals. This year's venue in Houston, Texas offers a unique opportunity to investigate the intersections of oppression in a locale where many of the pressing concerns about bioengineering, pollution, and animal experimentation are centered and present.

Critical Animal Studies as a field has become a powerful canopy for many convergent arenas of thought, politics, scholarship, and activism. In partnership with the Rice Center for Critical and Cultural Theory, the conference will be housed in the BioScience Research Collaborative located in the Houston Medical Center adjacent to Rice University. The close proximity to the events and practices around which our academic fields of study center, will emphasize the immediacy and scope of the issues to be addressed.

Presentations should be fifteen to twenty minutes in length. We are receptive to different and innovative formats including but not limited to panels and workshops. You may propose individual or group panel presentations, but please specify the structure of your proposal. Submit ~300-word proposals including your name(s), title, organizational affiliation, field of study or activism, and A/V needs to by January 15th.

We welcome presentations from a variety of academic and non-academic fields, including but not limited to:

• Activism and advocacy
• Animal liberation
• Biopolitical thought
• Bioscience and biotechnology
• Critical legal studies
• Cultural studies
• Disability studies
• Ecology
• Ethics (applied / philosophical)
• Feminist theory
• Film studies
• Political economy
• Postcolonial studies
• Queer theory