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MEDIASCAPE, UCLA's Journal of Film and Media Studies (new issue out now: http://www.tft.ucla.edu/mediascape/), is re-launching the MEDIASCAPE blog as an open forum of collective authorship. The blog will serve as a platform to analyze and discuss the entire spectrum of popular culture, including texts, industry news, and cultural events. The overall concept of the blog is to complement the journal and provide scholars with an opportunity to develop and share parts of their research and critical interests in a more timely and liberal fashion. Through its wide net of distribution partnerships and a strong alumni network, MEDIASCAPE aims to promote the intellectual exchange of ideas through a variety of digital channels.

The editorial board is currently seeking contributors to join the blog's growing roster of expert writers. While MEDIASCAPE blog experts are free to write about any subject they have in mind, the blog offers the opportunity to cultivate a distinctive academic profile. To this end, the editors ask for three main areas of interest/expertise that reflect the blogger's research focus. These areas of interest/expertise need not be related and can fully express the interdisciplinary nature of media studies today.

Bloggers are encouraged to use images and video to construct their posts but any form will be accepted, from simple news reports to reflective narratives, reviews, and essays. The minimum word count of each post should be about 250 words, with the maximum count being open to anyone's leisure. Bloggers are required to commit to 1-2 short posts every six months but they can of course post as often as they desire.

While there are no limitations as to what bloggers can write, there are a number of possibilities for ongoing regular involvement, such as

- TV show and new film release reviews
- review analysis
- film festival coverage
- video game experiential play
- record analysis
- podcast appearances
- etc.

If interested or in need of more information, please send an email including your 3 areas of interest/expertise and a short 150-word bio to Editor-in-Chief Matthias Stork at mstork@ucla.edu.