"From here, West is East": Trans-Pacific Canadian Literature, 24-26 May 2014

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"From here, West is East”: Trans-Pacific Canadian Literature session, ACQL/ALCQ Conference, 24-26 May 2014, Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Organizer: Joanne Leow
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Vancouver poet Sachiko Murakami's poem "Tower" in her 2011 collection of poetry _Rebuild_ cannily inverts the Eurocentric geographical compass that defines Canada's relationship with Europe and Asia. By subverting the directionality of our gaze both West and East, the poem also recalls the history of trans-Pacific flows of immigrants, culture and capital that has shown no signs of abating. What happens when we think of West as East in a critically productive form of disorientation? How are Canada's trans-pacific borders explored and redefined through literary texts whether novels, short stories, poetry, or film? What kinds of trajectories and inventories are traced at these coastal margins and beyond? Is this a particular way of reading Canada transnationally? And what of the unspoken borders of unceded First Nations territories that must urgently be acnowledged?

This panel invites papers to consider these issues in a range of historical and contemporary Canadian texts. It is also open to variety of theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches, although these should still take the literary text at the heart of their inquiry.
Please send paper proposals (no more than 300 words) with a short biography and a 50-word abstract in Word or RTF to Joanne Leow at joanne.leow@utoronto.ca by 15 January 2013.