Special Issue "Housing and Space: Toward Socio-Spatial Inclusion" (Abstract Deadline: 1 March 2014)

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Title: Housing and Space: Toward Socio-Spatial Inclusion

Guest Editors:

Dr. Dallas Rogers
Urban Research Centre, University of Western Sydney, Australia; E-Mail: D.Rogers@uws.edu.au

Dr. Rae Dufty-Jones
Urban Research Centre, University of Western Sydney, Australia; E-Mail: r.dufty@uws.edu.au

Dr. Wendy Steele
Urban Research Program, Griffith University, Australia; E-Mail: w.steele@griffith.edu.au

Dr. Jago Dodson
Urban Research Program, Griffith University, Australia; E-Mail: j.dodson@griffith.edu.au

Deadline for Submissions: 1 March 2014 (abstract) | 1 May 2014 (full paper)

Information: We invite articles that critically reflect on applying recent theorisations of space to housing research and inclusion. While the spatial turn within housing studies has directed researchers toward specific and often diverse theoretical trajectories, there have only been limited attempts to bring together and to reflect upon these various spatial theorisations as a broader project. A component of these emerging debates is a focus on: housing, space and capital (e.g. Harvey, 2005); housing, space and governmentality (e.g. Elden and Crampton, 2007; Foucault, 2011); housing, space and territory (e.g. Cresswell, 2004; Massey, 1984); and housing and socio-spatial justice (e.g. Soja, 2010; Lefebvre, 1991). Central to many of these theorisations is a concern about the relationships between housing, territory, governance, and inclusion. We encourage articles that integrate spatial theories to address contemporary housing issues structured around two key and related theoretical themes:

1. The production of space, housing and inclusion/exclusion
2. The experience of space, housing and inclusion/exclusion

This special issue will purposively reflect on the recent spatial 'turn' within housing studies—toward the contextual, the subjective, the political and the relational. By focusing on a spatial reading of housing and inclusion this special issue will contribute to the broader theoretical project that Clapham (2002) has termed 'the spatial theorization of housing'.

Keywords: capital; Foucault; governmentality; Harvey; housing; Lefebrve; social justice; Soja; space; territory; urban

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