Special Issue "Indicators and Measurement of Social Inclusion" (Abstract Deadline: 31 March 2014)

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The journal Social Inclusion will launch a special issue under the title "Indicators and Measurement of Social Inclusion", with Professor Peter Huxley and Dr. Sherrill Evans serving as the Guest Editors for the issue.

Peter Huxley is Professor of Social Work & Social Care in the College of Medicine at Swansea University, UK, and the Director of the Centre for Social Work and Social Care Research. Dr. Sherrill Evans is a Senior Lecturer at this same research centre.

Authors interested in submitting a paper for this special issue are kindly asked to consult the Instructions for Authors and Membership Requirement, and send their abstracts by email to Mr. António Vieira (antonio.vieira@librelloph.com) by 31 March 2014.

Here below you can also find all relevant information regarding this special issue:

Title: Indicators and Measurement of Social Inclusion

Guest Editors: Professor Peter Huxley and Dr. Sherrill Evans (College of Medicine, Swansea University, Swansea, UK)

Deadline for Submissions: 31 March 2014 (abstract) | 30 June 2014 (full paper)

Website: http://www.librelloph.com/socialinclusion/pages/view/specialissues#indic...

Information: There are good reasons, both theoretical and practical, to examine the status of the concept of social inclusion, its indicators and measures. There are multiple understanding of the concept and multiple measurement approaches, such as standard of living indicators, lifetime opportunities indicators, and subjective indicators. What is measured, why and how and what for are of equal significance. The purpose of the special issue is to bring together current thinking and evidence mainly in respect of the 'how'. We are looking for empirical research papers that help, through measurement developments, to explicate the relationships between social inclusion and related concepts such as participation, social capital and quality of life. Research is needed that takes further the demonstration of…the equivalence of measures or indicators of social inclusion across cultures; this is a central methodological challenge. Well designed studies that describe new ways of capturing indicators or those that produce reliable and well validated instruments with a research or a practical application (eg intervention studies with social inclusion as an outcome measure) will be most welcome. Studies that address the issues of cross-cultural measurement, comparison and equivalence will be particularly welcome. Papers may provide evidence from large scale quantitative population or patient based research or from smaller scale qualitative studies. In each case the results should contribute to moving the measurement debate forward.

Keywords: crosscultural; equivalence; outcomes measurement; participation; quality of life; reliability; responsiveness; social capital; social inclusion; validity

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