Topic for upcoming issue of Luvah: Journal of the Creative Imagination, to be published in 2014

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Luvah: Journal of the Creative Imagination
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Topic for upcoming issue of Luvah: Journal of the Creative Imagination, to be published in 2014: "The Use of Numbers and Numeric Patterns as a Key to Mapping the Soul and the Universe"

We are particularly interested in papers that address mathematical relations and numbers through the lens of different religions, schools of philosophy, or certain literary and artistic works. We would like to see papers that analyze mathematics through different historical periods, and look at how mathematics is/was used to explain the harmonic order and unity of the universe and its components. Note that we will also accept creative writings, such as poems and short stories that address the stated topic for the next issue.
Some of the topics you might want to consider are:

1. The Pythagoreans and their interpretation of the world through numbers;
2. The spiritual implications of geometry in relation to the universe and the world soul;
3. The mysticism behind numbers (e.g. the interpretation of the number 10 according to different traditions);
4. The importance of mathematics (geometry, in particular) to ancient philosophy, and the relationship of mathematics and classical philosophy;
5. The study of harmonics and musical phenomena through numbers;
6. The Fibonacci sequence as manifested in nature, religion, and the interpretation of the universe;
7. The depiction of the Golden Ratio in art, literature, and religion;
8. The interpretation of books and alphabets through numbers;
9. Numerology and its importance in the Kabbalah, the Qur'an, and the Bible;
10. The depiction of the metaphysical (in art, literature, and philosophy) through numbers.