'WHAT WAS NOT SAID', APRIL 2014. Deadline: 28th February, 2014

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The Four Quarters Magazine

Deadline: 28th February, 2014

Almost all literature is an unsilencing of sorts, an articulation of what is seen and felt, or lived, but perhaps not spoken of too easily. In fact, one of the main tasks of a writer is to give flesh and blood – and a voice! – to the people who inhabit the pages of a book (or an online magazine). These voices must draw readers into their worlds, their souls, their aches.

'Voicing' – talking, speaking up, writing – is integral to freedom, love, empathy, and therefore also to peace. By extension, not saying something, not being able to (not being allowed to) is a danger sign. It hints at fractured relationships, mistrust, oppression.

In its broadest sense 'What was not said' is a call for voice. Poems, stories and essays that can give voice to something/someone – a person, a place, an era – that we have not heard about too often. Or, if we have, then we heard infrequently, or not understood fully.

The theme can also be interpreted as a particular moment in time. It could refer to emotional/sexual/creative suppression, or an unorthodox viewpoint. You are also free to interpret the theme in your own way. What I'm essentially looking for is a fresh layer of meaning and context, a kind of 'unsilencing' in the submitted works.

Please send in your entries by the end of February, 2014. The deadline for submissions is 28th February, 2014.
For submission guidelines please refer to our submissions page.