Edited Collection: Cold War U.S. literature & culture with a global focus 2/15/2014

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Steven Belletto and Joseph Keith

We are soliciting one or two additional contributions (approx. 7,000 words) for a book collection focusing on U.S. Cold War literature and the rest of the world. Just as increasing attention has been given to the transnational turn in American Studies (Rowe) and to the idea of "postnationalist" identities (Pease), Cold War literary and cultural studies has become more interested in the effects of the global Cold War (in contrast to studies of domestic repression that tended to dominate the field in the 1990s).

This collection extends the 2000s work of scholars such as Christina Klein, Leerom Medovoi, Jodi Kim, and others to explore the relationship between the Cold War (1947-1989) and ostensibly American writers—whether those living in various form of expatriate exile or those living within the geographical boundaries of the United States—who imagined the rest of the
world in their writing. If the Cold War is viewed not merely as a bi-polar conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, but rather as a global phenomenon with many players, then the worldly imaginaries of a large body of American writing about elsewhere might enable us to rethink the limits and contours of national identities during an age when such
identities were paradoxically being fixed by U.S. political imperatives. This collection focuses on writing that is in someway marked as "American"—whether or not the author is a U.S. citizen—and on how this writing looks outward, beyond the U.S. to the rest of the world touched by Cold War.

We have already assembled contributions from some of the leading scholars writing in transnational and Cold War literary and cultural studies, and are looking for an additional contribution or two to round out the scope of the collection.

To be considered for this collection, please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words and a CV to both editors by 2/15/2014.

Steven Belletto

Joseph Keith