Chiasma #1: What the Doing of Thinking Does and Doesn't Do Today (deadline FEB. 7)

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Chiasma: A Site for Thought

Chiasma: A Site for Thought is an annual, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal for the generation and dispersion of theory, published by the University of Western Ontario's Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism.

Chiasma #1 – What the Doing of Thinking Does and Doesn't Do Today

"You're a philosopher?"
KRS-ONE, 'the teacher,' creeps into consciousness…

Like much in hip-hop and in theory, this artist's pseudonym – Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone – is overdetermined. It points to both the increasing availability of "knowledge" in our digital times, and to the force this organizing "knowledge" assumes as it moves through our bodies and technological prostheses. Three interlaced questions loop back upon the central concern of what we, as academics, intellectuals, and subjects of knowledge, do or do not do when we think today:

Who is excepted in the above "Nearly"; or, what, if anything, maintains a power of sovereignty in the face of "knowledge"?

What are the political or intellectual costs of a "conflict of knowledges", and how are technologies and the doing of thinking implicated in such conflicts?

How, when, and why does or could one resist, or advance, "knowledge"?

We invite papers from emergent and established scholars from any field or discipline who are engaged – even if tangentially – with such questions.

The submission deadline is 7 February, 2014. Papers should be prepared for anonymous review (name and institutional affiliation should appear in a separate document), in .doc or .docx format, 3,000-6,000 words in length, and formatted according to Turabian/Chicago. For more information, see All questions and submissions should be sent to