RMMLA 2014 Subjectivity in Motion: Chinese Literature before 1900

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Li Guo/ Rocky Mountain MLA
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CFP RMMLA 2014 Subjectivity in Motion: Chinese Literature before 1900 (Abstract due March 1, 2014)

This panel at the 2014 Rocky Mountain MLA Annual Convention invite presentations on the topic of "Subject in Motion: Chinese Literature before 1900". In the context of pre-twentieth century Chinese literature, subjectivity as a theoretical imperative draws wide critical attention to the process in which political, ideological and literary discourses profoundly formulated authors' personal and collective experiences, and yielded long-lasting impact on the social and cultural trends of the ensuing centuries.

To situate current explorations of subjectivity in the historical and cultural milieu of dynastic China, this panel aims to include scholarly works which explore the construction, change and reconfiguration of personal, national, ethnic, cultural identities. We hope to address a diverse range of literary genres, and explore the process in which textual, social and political subjects negotiate with discursive boundaries and move along and across different axes of power. Please email abstracts to li.guo@usu.edu by March 1, 2014.

Contributing topics include but are not restricted to the following themes:

selfhood in writings about war, exile and diaspora

mobile selfhood, travel narratives and transculturalism,

shifting sexual and gender identities in literature

literary clubs, writing exchanges and collective identity

representations of foreignness and ethnic identities

performance of authenticity and/or anxiety about inauthenticity

relationship between canonical narratives and subjective agency

subjectivity and the fantastic narrative in myth and fairy tales

capital, culture and commodification of identity

religious identity and the construction of the state

editorship, media and the politics of subjectivity

audiences and their social and cultural identities

trauma, memory and loss of subjectivity

intellectual identity of sinologists and the study of pre-1900 Chinese literature

subjectivity and transnational adaptations of classical literature

subjectivity and modern translation of dynastic literature

identity of dynastic literary texts and their impact in modern/ contemporary periods.