Scripting Dance in Contemporary India: Call for Papers

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Liberal Arts Lore

Papers of approx 8000 words are invited for a peer-reviewed book, Scripting Dance in Contemporary India'. The current venture of Liberal Arts Lore presents a unique opportunity for scholars involved in serious academic/ practice-based research to publish their work.
Deadline: 10th Feb, 2014
Dance in Contemporary India varies from the traditionalist, the classical, the cinematic, the folk and ritualistic, the modern / contemporary and even the post-modern, with the recognition that the categories often flow into one another A variety of imperatives impel performers to create, re-create, to interpret and re-interpret, to experiment and sometimes, to rebel against established conventions. The performance texts of dance range from the solo concert format to theme-based group productions, or single/ multiple performer texts which integrate the technologies of lighting, sound and motion picture into its semiosis. Several 'texts' often become the point of beginning for a new performance text: mythology, literature, spiritual discourse, social issues. Performers in their choice of form often negotiate between tenuous tradition and endemic global influences. The present book aims to bring together scholarly work addressing dance in Contemporary India in the light of the following sub-themes:
a. Dance as a continuation and/or contesting of tradition.
b. Dance as art /Aesthetics of Dance; dance as performance-text.
c. Dance as a practice, a mind-body discipline; pedagogy; practitioners' perspectives
d. Discourse on Dance: texts adapted into dance/ inspiring dance, popular and critical discourse on dance.
e. Dance as a practice determined by social/ cultural/ political/ economic imperatives.
f. The negotiations between the local, national and global in dance.
g. Dancers and their dances; courtesans in the past and present; the image of the courtesan as a presence in classical dance
h. Dance in Film/ Literature/ Painting/ Other Arts.
i. Dance in Religion.
Papers should be written according to HARVARD Style Guide and may be sent along with the full name of the contributors, designation, qualifications, institutional affiliation, e-mail and telephone/ mobile number to