Referentiality and Intermediality in Woody Allen's Movies / Edited Volume

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Klara Stephanie Szlezák, University of Regensburg; Dianah E. Wynter, California State University, Northridge
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Without a doubt, Woody Allen counts among the most prolific filmmakers of the past few decades. The recent Woody Allen: A Documentary (2012) offered a broad retrospective on and paid homage to his biography and his multifaceted work, both of which have been subject to academic research. This essay collection aims to add to the existing scholarship on Woody Allen's movies, seeking contributions that explore the multiple instances of referentiality and intermediality in his films after 1980. The density of his films in terms of references, allusions, and quotations to other artists' works as well as to his own previous oeuvre has so far been neglected and deserves closer attention.

The volume is scheduled to be published in 2015, the year of Allen's eightieth birthday.

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