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Journal Dante e l'arte - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
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The Journal "Dante e l'arte" invites submissions for several sections of its first issue. The 2014 'Dossier' is devoted to "Dante and Theatre" and it will include papers about drama in the "Commedia" and Dante's reception in the theatre throughout the centuries. The second part of the journal, entitled 'Articoli', will include essays and contributions from several topics about the relationship between Dante and the arts. The deadline for reception of articles in this first issue of 'Dante e l'arte' is 30 April 2014.

The articles should follow the style sheet available in the website of the journal, and should include an abstract (maximum 700 characters with space) and 5 key words. Please send your articles following the instructions available in the journal's website:

Prof. Rossend Arqués
Dept. Filologia Romànica
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
tel. 0034 93581 1190
Dante e l'arte. Network di studi sulla ricezione artistica di Dante.